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K9 Solutions AB is now launching our latest body armor for the Police and the Military DOGTECH  K9  Duty,  the  dog  has  full  mobility and the handler can easily change protection classes depending on the threat level.

The vest is built entirely with KNO 3 (Kevlar ) in the outer fabric for maximum durability and wear resistance. 

Inside, there is a pocket where the protection material easily is added in, these can protects the vital parts of the dog and to change to an another level of protection is made extremely easy and fast.

The interest around the world for our DOGTECH K9 vests are very large, and today we have 6 different sizes, where the chest circumference will determine what size to have, also you can select the “ Short” or “extended “ depending on the back length of the dog.

In addition to the purchase for Police and Military includes full training and testing of vests with staff from K9 Solutions AB, where dog handlers will learn to use our vest best in different situations.


DOGTECH  K9  can  also  be  ordered  with  external built-in technologies such as Action Pro film cameras, led/IR lamps, GPS systems and more. 

We can also have a dialogue as partner and problem solver at develop other solutions such as eyebolts for helicopter rides etc.

DOGTECH K9 can easily change the protection layer and thus protection class as seen to the right.


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Agria Insurance Company provides 100% excess warranty on both fixed and floating-deductible fee regardless of the type of injury when the dog uses our protective vests during hunting or training.

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