Product Care and Information

Product care and information that is good to know

Introducing the vest to the dog
Take out the guards and walk the dog before trying the protective vest on the first few times . Put the vest on by opening up the vest and then from underneather the dog . Overlap the velcro across the back of the dog - important!

The protective vest is fastened tightly behind the front shoulder. You should be able to insert a cupped hand between the dog and the vest back above the tailbone. Once done overlapping the front velcro you should also be able be able to get a cupped palm between the vest and the dog ( plug hole).

When you have the dog vest on and it fits well, you decide if you want to place a GPS or traditional tracker in the back pocket. The back pocket is reinforced to withstand tearing if the dog would run into barbed wire or electirc wire.

After hunting
After hunting males may urinate on the pocket that covers the genitalia area. We recommend using lukewarm water and a little detergent for cleaning, rinse and hang up to dry. The reason we need to protect the males genitals is because we want to protect against sticks and the sharp edges of the icehole.

We have chosen an extremely durable outer fabric for our products which are also water repellent. 3M delivers all the reflecters to our products as they are a world leader in this field. Only the best reflective properties help save your dog if it comes out on the road at dusk , dawn or at night .

Safety and Survival
Survival rates increase significantly if a protective vest is used and the dog ends up in a ice hole, where the dog can not sink and the vital organs are kept warm . This decreases the risk of shock.  Protective vests also reflect light very well in the dark. If the dog goes out for example on the road this is a way to help reduce the risk of being hit .

The distinguishing protection allows retrieving dogs to make use of the vest during retrevial training. This will keep the dog warm and protect against among other things reeds, sticks and other sharp objects.

Females who had puppies can use the vest to protect the nipples, therefore the dog may be used as a hunting dog for smaller hunting trips and this protection will be useful. Swim practice is greatly simplified with the use of the vest when the dog is in deeper water.
We at Dogtech appreciate receiving feedback, information and your thoughts on potentials improvements ect. that will enable us to develop our products to further protect dogs. Our main goal is that our dogs will survive if an accident occurs.

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Agria Insurance Company provides 100% excess warranty on both fixed and floating-deductible fee regardless of the type of injury when the dog uses our protective vests during hunting or training.

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